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at 7:00 p.m.

Be guided through release, finding Grace and Harmony. Learn to Unwind, Let Go of Stress, and Move Through Blocks and how Essential Oils can enhance NATURAL HEALTH and WELLNESS to support you in these processes.

You’ll spend time working on you, fill up your soul so you can be your best self and learn about new strategies for using Essential Oils and their benefits as a NATURAL option.

Want to attend a workshop that includes aromatherapy and meditation? Want to attain feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation?

If so, then you will LOVE this CLASS!

Due to the nature of this event, space is limited.





Connect with Crystals. Learn to Sync with Crystal Energy.

You may have heard that a particular crystal was good for something so you got it and now it lives on your shelf, desk or dresser? Learn how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life!

This course provides a hands on look at Crystal energy. We will review the basics and begin working with the crystals so you can learn how to choose crystals for personal use, cleanse and care for crystals, determine which crystals to use for specific needs as well as learn to connect with your crystals through feeling their energy and meditation. 

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In this group we have live discussions on various topics such as mediumship, intuitive development, tarot, Reiki, working with Crystals on a number of levels and more. We have free readings as practice for seasoned and new readers, provide Reiki and Crystal Healings and a whole lot more. Its a great place to pick a card, get a reading, or learn something new. Group is free however we have a number of levels of membership to bring you even MORE at affordable rates! Peace in Healing working together to bring Peace and Healing to You!

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Namaste! We hope to see you there!