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The purpose of a crystal healing session is for mental and spiritual well-being. Our method of treatment – energy healing – is an alternative or compliment to other healing arts. We use a variety of techniques to facilitate well-being and clarity in the moment, while promoting long term self-reliance through practical techniques to help raise consciousness, clear confusion, recognize intent, interpret meaning and quell doubt, as well as sooth and assist in the healing process and promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.



Crystal Healing Treatment

30 minute session: $45.
60 minute session: $125.

This session includes:

Our Crystal Healing session includes polarity balancing, charka testing and balancing, aura clearing, mending and sealing, sound, color and scent therapy as well as guided meditation designed specifically for encouraging and inducing theta brainwaves which place you in an in-between sleep/wake state for a period of time for this crystal healing treatment.

The treatment will focus on balancing the energetic bodies in areas where it is needed as well as focusing on specific requested treatments or needs. The first session requires an online intake form. All sessions include a consultation.

Session may include:
Essenial oils
A crystal grid
Crystal bowls
Vibrational Chakra Tuning
Color Therapy
Healing Sound Therapy

Add-on Services

You can add on any of the items below listed in our "add ons" menu to this treatment if you like or explore other therapies and services below.


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Relaxation Crystal Fusion Therapy Session

60 minute session: $65.

This safe, gentle & loving session helps usher in much needed deep relaxation, allowing your nervous system to let go and restore. Incorporates: Rose quartz, lepidolite, lithium quartz and amethyst while surrounded by therapeutic grade lavender essential oil and cocooned in a soft lavender eye pillow. This body layout was created specifically for encouraging and inducing theta brainwaves which place you in an in-between sleep/wake state for a period of time… ideal for extreme physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing while reducing feelings of anxiety, stress & any neuroses.


"Prepare for Take Off!" Session

30 minutes

Looking to deepen your Cosmic Connection? CAUTION: This crystal body layout is not recommended for those overly sensitive to crystal energies or for those new to energy work.

This unique layout incorporates Moldavite & tektites and/or other meteorites. Even those who have a hard time sensing crystal energies, quite often sense the energy of Moldavite due to its extraterrestrial origin. This layout is the one to choose if you’re looking to make a connection to other worlds or to the Cosmos, raise your vibration levels, encourage spiritual awareness; a celestial "stone of transformation”, Moldavite can assist us in activating our higher chakras, psychic senses & spiritual gifts.

Features the use of Moldavite gem elixir cocktail to start the session, Moldavite gem elixir oil as well as ethereal cosmic meditation music.



Transmuting Body Shield

15 minute session: $35.

This treatment strengthens our Electromagnetic Field while optimizing negativity transmuting. This session is ideal if you’re going through a rough patch, feeling weak and/or defenseless, also perfect for empaths. This session will leave you feeling energetically stronger and less vulnerable. Incorporates hematite and pyrite. This is an add-on service that can be added on to any other crystal layout at the end and lasts no longer than 15 min.


Self-Love, Compassion & Heart Healing Treatment

15 minute session: $35.

This crystal healing session is perfect for increasing feeling of much-needed self love and selfesteem. Helps increase compassion for self and others while also healing the heart and focusing on heart-centeredness. The crystals emphasized in this layout are rose quartz and watermelon tourmaline. Your session will end with a refreshing and healing Watermelon Tourmaline Gem Elixir juice.


Abundance Manifesting

5-10 minute session: $35.

This session is ideal for manifesting abundance in your life. This session will leave you feeling energetically strongerand like an abundance magent! Incorporates Jade, adventurine, emerald to start. This is an add-on service that can be added on to any other crystal layout at the end and lasts no longer than 10 min.


Grounding Body Treatment.

15 minute session: $35.

This layout is recommended for those feeling scattered, disconnected and needing more peace. It allows you to deeply connect with Earth’s Electromagnetic Field (EMF), reconnecting your circuit for restoring, balancing & grounding your own EMF so you feel strong and centered. Incorporates black tourmaline, smokey quartz and black onyx. This is an add-on service that can be added on to any other crystal layout at the end and lasts no longer than 15 min.


Weekly Group Sessions.

These are are group sessions where we focus on a topic and include a crystal grid, affirmations, raising of your energetic vibration, as well as a crystal healing session and recommended support therapies for at home. They are recommened in 1x per week for 4 weeks. You can add on to a standard crystal healing session for a quick boost or participate in a group session. See peace in healings classes page for schedule or contact me to create your own group.

*groups must be 3 or more participants.

** This is also available for parties. Contact me for details.

Add on to standard crystal healing session (see standard healing session at top of page): 10 mins $35.
Group sessions: 60 mins. 1 x per week for 4 consecutive weeks:
$120 per person includes 4 sessions.

Abundance Manifesting

Business or Job Manifesting
Self Love, compassion & heart healing

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Consultation and prescription

Are you perhaps dealing with a headache that just won't go away? Looking for something gentle with no side effects to ease pain or deal with pre or post medical treatments? Crystals can help with everything from emotional issues to crying babies and nervous pets. They can calm and sooth you, aid in balancing your chakras, quiet your mind, and help bring you a healthy positive attitude, and general outlook in life. Aiding the mind, body and spirit allowing you peace to heal.

As part of this process we have an intake form to determine your request or need at this time. We will then create a prescription of three crystals that "fit" your needs. From there we will determine which of these crystals are best for you to connect with. We will educate you in how to connect and work with your crystals. You will also have the option of working with tumbled stones, natural crystals, a crystal grid, elixirs, sprays or perhaps you are more comfortable wearing a supportive piece of jewelry. We will discuss and recommend items and how to use them so you can make an informed decision on what will work best for you.

* Session does not include crystals, jewelry item or other support products.

**Crystal prescriptions are in no way a replacement for medicine requried or prescribed by a doctor. This is in no way meant to mislead anyone into thinking this is a route to take in place of medical treatment. Crystal Healing is a holistic approach to wellness and is whole body practice.



After a brief conversation or email and filling out our online form, we will put together a crystal grid for you to work with at this time. We provide you with information on what we determined will work best for you at this time. We provide a list of stones, a grid that resonates with your needs, and instructions on how to set up and manifest using the grid.

For distance sessions we set up a grid for you and perform daily sessions of sending energy and affirmations to the grid.

We provide photos of the grid as well as information on each of the stones, what the healing consisted of and any other feedback such as meditations, messages and other stones you might want to have and connect with.

30 minute session: $65.



In this session I will connect energetically to determine which crystal has a message for you at this time. From there, I will receive a special crystalline consciousness message to share with you using that particular stone! The message will also include why this particular stone feels its best to work with you at this time, and what it wants to bring your attention to for healing and growth. This is a channeled message and is great for people who are just starting out in their crystal experience to help determine stones that are right for you as well as areas you may need or want to work on, or people who have been working with crystals for a long time and want to connect deeper.

I provide a detailed document with all the information conveyed in the session



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