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Meditation Corner: Meditating with Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz- The stabilizer stone.

Release negative beliefs that may be holding you back through meditation with smoky quartz. Smokey quartz is excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength.

Smokey Quartz Meditation:

Preparation of yourself and your sacred space.

Start by removing all jewelry, watches, and or electrical devices away from your body. Dress comfortably and without shoes. Sit in your sacred space where you would normally meditate or where ever is most comfortable for you at this time. If you have the time cleanse your space with either sage, rosemary, palo santo, or an essential oil or clearing spray, do so. Be sure to have cleansed and blessed your crystal.

Preparation with your stone.

If you have more than one smokey quartz you can position one at your crown chakra, one at your heart, and one or two at your feet (if you are laying down). If you are sitting you can hold your crystal in your dominant hand as well as place them around your body in a circle. Its always good to gaze at your crystal for a moment, look at all the details of its structure inside an out, let your self drift off in its beauty. Then close the crystal in your dominant hand and give a little squeeze, and continue to hold it thoughout the meditation- you don't have to keep squeezing. Once a crystals enters your aura, and is activated it will release its healing energy. Take a moment to try to sense the crystals energy. This is an earthy, high frequency grounding stone. This stone will provide balance and allow you to meditate freely without hesitation to where ever you need to travel as you do so, know you will be safe and grounded.

Breathing entry to your meditation.

Once you are seated comfortably, inhale and exhale three deep relaxing breaths, then simply observe your breaths.Visualize a golden white light in the center of your being, grow the light until it fills your being and extends out of your body and fills the space around you, as well as the room. Cover that golden white light with pink light, covering it with love so that only love can come in and you only radiate love out.

As you continue to observe your breath:

inhale peace
exhale stress
inhale love
exhale tension
inhale tranquility
exhale discord and all negative energy
Affirm that all negative energy released into the universe will be transformed and find peaceful resolution.


Feel the energy of the stone in your hand or radiating from around you where you may have placed the cr7stals. Once the crystals enters your aura you should be able to sense their energy. Does if feel cold, warm, is there a vibration? Use your imagination to grow the crystals energy through your aura and body. Radiating through your hands, up your arms to your shoulders and throughout your head and down your neck and chest, down your torso, legs and feet. Truly bath yourself in the healing energy of the smokey quartz.


I am peace (breath it in through your nose, blow it out threw parted lips blowing it on the crystal and then through the crystals energy and through out your the same with the following:)
I am tranquility
I am balance
I am the stillness in the moment of silence
I am compassion
I am mercy
I am love
I am confident as I know that I am a part of all that is.


Once you are ready once again, bring your attention to your breathing simply observing it. Slowing and as you are ready return to your body and sacred space and gently, slowing open your eyes. Sit still moving as you are ready.



NOTE: If you are new to working with crystals as part of your meditation, it may take some time to connect to and feel the energy of the crystals. With time and exposure to the crystals energy you will become more sensitive to it and fall in sync with the crystal energy and its healing properties.







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