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Unleash Your Spiritual Gifts Membership

On our Facebook Live GROUP: Peace in Healing Psychic Readings & Development.

FREE or $5./mo (or more) donation* 

  • Informative posts & discussions shared on timeline
  • 1 reading on the timeline every 30 days on the timeline can include 1-3 card spread and intuitive reading.(this is where you post a photo and or question and your reply is 1-3 cards just for you.)
  • Articles, eBooks and Downloads.
  • Tarot Discussions/Learning/Practice on FB Live or comment discussion and exercises/downloads- (on going study of Tarot. 1-2 Thursdays a month)
  • Charkras- learning and Live guided meditations for peace and healing.
  • Name on Healing & Prosperity Walls powered by Peace in Healing Healers and Crystal Grids! (photos and descriptions will be posted you will be able to list feedback and ask questions.)
  • Live Healing Meditations featuring crystal bowls and Reiki Chants.
  • Pick-A-Card Mondays (general card pulls for everyone on Mondays)
  • Exclusive deals and first seen items from our store. See our new offerings FIRST before they go live, healing jewelry, crystals, kits, elixers, and more.


* This is our Peace in Healing Psychic Readings & Development Facebook Group page. It is FREE however if you feel it is right for you we would greatly appreciate a $5.00 (or more) donation. All donations help us to be able to provide more services for you. Namaste.


Temple of Wisdom Membership

Guidance and Online Classroom



  • All of the Unleash Spiritual Gifts Membership items PLUS 
  • 2 readings on the timeline (3 card spreads- This is ONE in addition to the one in the Unleash Spiritual Gifts Membership)
  • Monday/Tuesday general cards- video or live.
  • Crystal Insights (educational information about working with Crystals & Crystal Energy)
  • 1 night a month of live pull a card readings. (event lasts 15 minutes- 30 minutes based on participation, will try to get to everyone)


  • Intuitive Development: Intuitive Development exercises posted on Timeline followed by LIVE discussions and interactive meetings online. This is a specific focus on Psychic Intuitive Development!
  • Connecting with Crystals. Learn to Connect with Crystal Energy Course. LIVE in group! (this will continue on to different crystal healing related topics).
  • Each month we will focus on a few of the following: Chakras, Meditation, Crystal healing, Intuitive development, Tarot, Reiki,numerology and more...

What does this mean?

In this group we will offer guidance as well as instruction. This is an online community and classroom environment. For anyone seeking to learn about Crystals, Healing, Intuitive Development (psychic readings, clairs, tarot readings, mediumship) Chakra's, meditation, NDE's, Clearing a space, etc. We will choose a focus each month as well as continue intuitive development. We will hold online interactive groups for intuitive development, raising your vibration, meditation, healing, mediumship and more. This is a great group for empaths or people struggling with their gifts and wanting to better learn how to manage them as well as anyone who wants to just continue to learn about their gifts and share their talents with others.


  • 10% discount on all classes and products from Peace in Healing U
  • NOTE TO CONTEST WINNERS: I have email contacted all of you IF you do not claim your prize by emailing me back your spot will be given away by Nov 3rd 2017.


*Memberships span 3 months. Payment is $15. for three months. Three months start the date of purchase. Renewal is optional.

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About Our Memberships

Our Memberships are designed to make it so that EVERYONE has an opportunity to learn, explore, as well as receive healing and guidance at affordable rates. Think about how much you might spend in a given month for a reading or a healing, now you can received readings, healings, as well as answers to your questions about your abilities, guideance and more with these Peace in Healing Memberships. By creating these memberships it also helps to support Peace in Healing in being able to provide more services, products and resources for all at affordable rates for you. Peace in Healing, working together to bring Peace in Healing to YOU!

*memberships extend for 3 month periods. You may renew after 3 months if you choose.


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