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In this section we bring to you some basic information on working with crystal energy. From personal crystal starter kits to crystal grids and divination. Learn about stones to help you get through every day issues such as insomnia, love, finance, health, prosperity, etc., to crystal grids, tools for empaths and all the clairs, crystal meditations and more. This section will bring introductory level information to help you down the path to using crystals to enhance your life.

If you are interested in digging deeper (pun intended) we offer online courses for the wellness professional as well as the crystal enthusiast.You can also explore our memberships and see which one is the right fit for you!

A little about our Crystal Services...

We offer a variety of services that utilize crystalline energy including intuitive readings with Tarot cards and crystals, crystal consciousness messages, crystal prescriptions as well as a variety of crystal healing, and crystals and Reiki services. Here on this page we hope to provide you with the lasted info on how to select crystals, cleanse crystals, sense, meditate and work with crystals for your every day life as well as provide guidance with the use of crystals (as mentioned above) and help you to better understand their energies and utilze them. Remember the methods used here are our "school of thought" based on years of research and certifications based in both physics and metaphysics. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid

Download our Printable FREE Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid.
Place your chakra stones (or crystals the same color as each of the chakra) on the grid, connect them with a wand, and place a name or photo of the person who needs the chakra balancing in the middle. Video Coming Soon as well as our online class for Crystal Grid! Be sure all your crystals are cleaned before you use them!




Blessing, Dedicating, Attuning to Crystals.

Download our Printable page about Blessing, Dedicating (programming/setting intention) and attuning to Crystals FREE!

Chakra Crystal Chart

Download our Printable Chakra Crystal Chart FREE!
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5 Crystals for Your "Go To" Crystal Kit.

Watch the video below to get a jump start on a basic crystal energy/healing kit. These are great stones to have on hand as "go to" pieces in a pinch. Come back often as we add more info and downloads as well as crystal energy courses online as well as local classes.




Crystals to Help with Sleep. Crystals for Insomnia and dreaming!

This video talks about crystals for your bedside to help with sleep and dreaming.



Intuitive & Mediumship Readings

For information regarding Intuitive & Mediumship Readings locally or long distance, please Click here.


Peace In Healing Online Store

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